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Welcome to the Hair Off The Dog Grooming Blog

Hello and welcome to our new Hair Off The Dog Grooming Blog. Stop by to learn about our dog grooming services and more.

We appreciate your business!

3 Responses to Welcome to the Hair Off The Dog Grooming Blog

  1. Tara Hardy says:

    I had my first visit with the salon a few days ago and I knew Maxwell and I was in good hands the moment I walked in. We are new to the area and has had trouble finding a skilled and caring groomer. Maxwell was very comfortable going in and had no problem going to the back for his monthly “spa treatment.” I felt as if Hair off the Dog read my mind and knew the type of cut I was going for. Maxwell looked fantastic and Im very pleased. He loooooks so good for the price. I love my animal very much and will splurge on what he needs. The price is decent for the tight times we are experiencing. I WILL say that this salon is our new home and will continue to go there for his grooming. Thanks alot Hair off the Dog!

    P.S. I never write a review on anything and I was so pleased with the services…..I felt compelled to do so on this site!

  2. Kristen brinkofski says:

    I could not be happier with Hair off the dog. I was very nervous when I went to drop my puppies off since I have never been there before. The owner/groomer Gail came out and sat on the floor to meet Motley And Cruz. Gail was so nice and gentle to my puppies and it made me feel so much more relaxed. They looked wonderful when I went go pick them up very happy as well. I would not hesitate to recommend hair off the dog to anyone. Thank you do much to Gail and Chris for being so wonderful it really was appreciated.

  3. Kathleen Gradwell says:

    I went to Hair Off the Dog for the first time a few weeks ago.I asked to bring my dog in early to accommodate my job. The owner met me before opening hours. I picked this groomer because they have a good reputation for kindness to the animals, don’t crate the dogs, ask for shot records and know how to groom Labradoodles since I will be getting one in a few weeks. I have a ten year old, very shy Border Collie/ Lab. They treated Maggie with kindness and allowed her to stay where she was comfortable. They did a wonderful job. I will be returning with both dogs in the future. Thank you

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